Gaj Newsletter - Special Edition

Hey GajFam,

Tomorrow, we are going to take an important step!

You must have guessed it till now!

As we take this leap of faith, here is a recap of all that happened in last few days and how all those things have paved the way for tommrow.

  • Gaj Farms are now live on Pangolin!

  • By the way Ice Breaking has already begin!

We are really pumped for what tommrow holds for us!

Let’s make it an amazing #RideWithGaj, together!

Here are our contract addresses across the chain:

AVAX - 0x595c8481c48894771ce8fade54ac6bf59093f9e8

Polygon - 0xf4b0903774532aee5ee567c02aab681a81539e92

Ethereum - 0x9fda7ceec4c18008096c2fe2b85f05dc300f94d0

Where can you buy Gaj?

Pangolin -

Dfyn -

Uniswap -

Quickswap -

Bridge for GAJ in Polygon to GAJ in Ethereum or AVAX