Gaj Finance announces a strategic partnership with Spore

We are delighted to announce our newly-forged partnership with Spore, an Avalanche-native NFT platform and developer of the eponymous SPORE currency.  A true trailblazer in this space, Spore opened the floodgates to the Avalanche blockchain in April of this year by building and deploying the first-ever mass-adopted bridge from Avalanche to Binance Smart Chain.

At Gaj, we believe that forging opportune alliances that leverage the strengths of its members is what moves ecosystems forward.  By partnering with Spore, we are taking the synergies that exist between our projects and supercharging our roadmaps for the benefit of our userbases and all ecosystem participants.  Gaj Finance’s relentless quest to build innovative DeFi products coupled with Spore’s expertise in building globally recognized brands will propel both projects to unseen heights.

The alliance will be enriched by teams sharing their skills and insights on a regular basis.  Beginning that journey right away, Spore’s team lead Whale Club joins Gaj Finance as Strategic Advisor while Gajesh joins Spore as Technical Advisor. Gajesh will contribute his technology know-how and coding expertise, advising Spore at every step to strengthen its product offerings.  Spore will share its expertise its exceptional understanding of the blockchain space to unlock Gaj Finance’s potential for new audiences.

As Gaj Finance prepares for its long-awaited Avalanche debut on August 30, we are excited about the partnership with Spore and the promise it holds for the future of our projects.  Our resolve to bring innovative products to crypto and DeFi has just got a ‘Spore’ boost and we are already loving it!