PolyGaj is now Gaj Finance

The last few months have been fascinating for us as we have scaled milestone over milestone in making Polygaj strong. Be it our Junglepools or our NFT marketplace, we have received a fantastic response from our backers and users. While we continue to move ahead on our roadmap, we are confident that we will be stronger and continue to fascinate our users with the one-stop DeFI experience at Polygaj.

While we continue to be in a happy place at our home on Polygon, our “Gaj” is ready to explore newer jungles and portray its strength into the wilderness of uncharted territories.

Moving closer to our vision of making DeFI accessible to all, a significant milestone in our roadmap is moving multichain and providing our offerings to a much broader user base. Hence it is necessary for us to rebrand ourselves into something that represents all our users across the chains. Hence starting 10 August 2021, you Polygaj will be known as Gaj- A symbol of strength representing users across chains.  It need not be reminded that our vision products and our experience all would remain the same even after we rebrand ourselves.

While this is just a stop in our journey, our Gaj will continue to move forward and our rebranding to Gaj will make our new users feel at home at par with our existing users.

Do note our changed community handles!

Twitter: twitter.com/Gaj_Finance

Telegram Chat: t.me/gajfinance

Telegram Channel: t.me/gajfinanceANN

Discord: https://discord.gg/TH5PYjq5UT